Skills courses

We teach and instruct a variety of courses at all levels. We pride ourselves in offering courses with a high standard and low ratios. Course costs are based on our guiding day rates and correspond to the number of people in the group, so round up some friends and make it happen!
Below you will find the menu of different courses, locations, seasons and levels.

Intro to Ski Touring/Split Boarding

This course is designed to give a thorough and enjoyable introduction to Ski-Touring or Split boarding. The course sets you up for new opportunities involving more adventurous skiing through inspiring and diverse terrain. We give you the perfect introduction to the use of the ski touring equipment, ski touring techniques and skills as well as an introduction to avalanche terrain and assessment. Over two days we provide you with both theoretical and practical knowledge on how to become a more independent ski touring partner.

Our focus on this course:

  • Understanding your gear and becoming efficient in its use
  • Skinning – Breaking trail and choosing a line, easy angled & steeper turns (Kick turns)
  • Introduction to avalanche awareness, route planning, safe travel techniques – choosing terrain
  • Get to know the essential avalanche emergency equipment, shovel, probe and transceiver
  • Managing ‘transitions’ ( being efficient transferring from skinning to skiing modes)
  • Effective skiing techniques for different types of snow and terrain
  • Introduction to Navigation (guide books, maps, and GPS)

We recommend our guests to build on this course with our Avalanche Safety Training Level 1.

Glacer Travel and Crevasse Rescue

This fully comprehensive glacial travel and crevasse rescue course for backcountry skiers and split-boarders features the latest techniques for efficient travel and effective, light and fast crevasse rescue systems. From experience garnered worldwide, these systems focus of safety, lightness and ease of use.

Our focus on this course:

  • Understanding Glacier  Hazards
  • Glacier Navigation
  • Roping up for Glacier Travel
  • Self Arrest
  • Crevasse Rescue 

An important point that differentiates our course from others is the un-roped victim course component. This includes rappelling and ascending into and out of a crevasse to perform rescue of an un-roped victim – an essential skill considering the majority of glacier skiing is performed un-roped.

In order to be self sufficient, backcountry skiers and alpine climbers learn the three all-important components: rope ascension, crevasse rescue and glacier travel.

Steep Skiing

This is not your average course. You wont be standing around a lot with your hands in your pockets. We have designed this course with experience, adventure, and hands on training as the first priorities. The terrain in the White Pass is the perfect match for this course allowing quick and easy access to steep terrain and technical ski descents. We have endless amounts of steep skiing objectives from couloirs to big faces. Our ACMG guides/instructors will take you on amazing ski lines while instructing/coaching you on technique and technical skills along the way. This course will surely change the way you look at skiing and improve your safety while traveling in steep big mountain terrain. There is no better way to enter the world of ski mountaineering!


Practical Information
This is an intensive 4 day course. Each day is comprised of a facilitated morning trip planning session followed by a day in the mountains where you will have the chance to route set and make decisions under the supervision of your instructor/guide. Evening sessions will develop your understanding of avalanche theory and provide an opportunity to debrief the day.
Skill Level
Participants must have completed a minimum AST 1 introductory level avalanche course before registering. Must be able to travel on skis or split-board.
Upon registration we will send you a complete equipment list. There should not be any surprises on the equipment list. We will be using standard ski touring equipment and equipment rental is available.
Group Size
Maximum 1:4 Instructor to participant ratio.
Group Size Day Rate
1 person $550+gst
2 people $300+gst
3 people $230+gst
4 people $180+gst
Terms and Conditions
Students must be 18 years of age or older, prior to enrolling in the course.